Discover the Netherlands

The Netherlands, once an important lake nation, is now the most densely populated nation on earth with more than 15 million inhabitants. The country is associated with friendly people, Amsterdam, tulips and clogs, but few visit the country for its beauty, which is a shame. There are several beautiful places to discover, just knowing where. We recommend about ten places in the Netherlands that you must visit.



Jordaan in Amsterdam

Although the cool and relaxed capital of the country is best known for its famous coffee shops, the city also has a different side to show off. To find the true beauty of Amsterdam, go to the quiet Jordaan neighborhood. Initially this was a poor working area that has risen in degrees and has become one of the most exclusive areas in the entire city. Try it for yourself and enjoy the bohemian cafes, art galleries and designer stores that sell the latest, which you didn’t even know were on trend. Although the most beautiful part of this part of the city is still the narrow canals, lined with the high and colorful facade houses.




Utrecht is the oldest city in the Netherlands and it is also the most beautiful and friendliest city in the country. Utrecht has beautiful medieval neighborhoods with gothic elements that give an artistic touch to the roundabouts and tourist attractions of the city. This means that it will always be a must on the list of places to visit in the Netherlands. Also visit the Domotor, the highest Gothic church tower in the Netherlands. The monastery next door is incredibly beautiful.


Bloemparken Keukenhof

No visitor may leave the Netherlands without seeing a tulip. Hundreds of purple and yellow flowers in contrast to red tulips. If you come here in the spring, you must see the most beautiful flowers in the country in the Keukenhof flower park, which is located near the city of Lisse. The park is known as the European garden and is the world’s largest flower park and one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Netherlands.

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